All My Lovers….

Ephraim has sold herself to lovers….(Hosea 8:9).

I have to be very careful not to sell myself to my lovers. For me, it’s those things that sometimes, my sinful nature tempts me to love more than God. It’s my need for comfort and control that I often love the most. Those are the ones that come knocking often at the doorway of my heart, seeking to steal my joy in Christ Jesus.
Whenever we sell ourselves to our lovers it is because we have bought into a lie. We exchange the truth of an Almighty Father with the tempting goods of our lover’s deception. Trust me, I get it, I spend far too much time exchanging God’s goodness with the temptations of the enemy. His goal for me is destruction and so he’ll convince me to give way to fear, by pushing all my old buttons.
Yesterday I sensed myself wanting to enter into an old place. A place where my fears buttons were being pressed and my heart and mind wanted to run into a place of panic and worry. It was then that I sensed the Lord say, “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”
You see, the antidote for freedom is not to have all our problems solved. God’s antidote is rest. Yes, this is what our heart needs more than anything else. Sure, it would be great if God would solve all our problems and ease all our worries by fixing everything in an instant, but instead, He offers us something better. He offers us rest. Yes, the ability to rest and be at peace in HIs loving arms. The ability to calm our worried, anxious hearts, very quickly, in His grace and goodness.
I don’t want to sell myself out to false lovers. I know, in the end, their mouths only drop like honey, but their feet simply lead mine into the grave. Be reminded today that your greatest need is rest and that has you rest, your Father can clean up a heart weighed down by the worries and struggles of this world.
Abba, you love me, truly, that is enough. I long for you to be my greatest love. Jesus, please be that for me. Be my joy, hope, and purpose. Please, be the love of my life. I don’t want to sell myself out to my lovers. Convict me and draw me back when I do, in Jesus name, Amen.

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