When I Wander from the Lord…

they will be wanderers among the nations….(Hosea 9:17).

Ephraim had a safe, spacious place to live, but she rebelled against the Lord and thus, left His land of safety by her own admission and followed after her wandering lovers.
I’ve watched my own heart wander. My thoughts drift off to a place where God starts to act on my timeline. He starts to work for me in the ways that make me comfortable and don’t bring about any pain. This only makes me disappointed in the Lord when life doesn’t go as planned or a blessing I was anticipating from Him brings some sort of hardship or pain into my life.
It is easy to wander off away from the Lord and into a place in our own minds that feels better. Sometimes though, God wants us to rest with Him in the waiting, the wrestling, and the pain. I’ve never grown much outside of God’s resting place, but I’ve always flourished as I sit with Him in the stillness.
God’s will is not that we would have life all figured out. Nor is it that we would live lives that make sense to others. God’s will is that we would be set apart people who live so differently than others are shocked and amazed at how deep our trust in the Lord is. I often wonder if my life is a true testimony of a woman who wants to live like this. Sometimes I think it must look awfully safe, but then there are other times when I’m confident that maybe others are seeing my faith lived out in me.
Sadly though, sometimes, when we wander, we take others with us. Especially those whose lives are very impressionable. Children or new believers can very easy wander with us if we’re the one that’s leading them. Whenever I wander I must realize that the person its affecting is not just myself. Indeed, it is affecting more than just me.
The good news is that as I follow closely I can bring others into that experience as well. I can help lead them into the spacious place of God’s rest. I can be a comfort and a safe landing place for them, but only if my own heart has been captured by Jesus in the places of deep abiding rest.
Lord, I long to be so close to you that you are the only voice I recognize. I know Lord that I am so quick to stray because my heart wants to chase after things that make me feel better. Please forgive me for my waywardness. Please forgive me for not abiding deeply in you. I want to do that, help me as I grow, in Jesus name, Amen.

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