No More Sips…Young People Are Ready to Start Drinking in the Word of God

he taught them as one who had authority…. (Mark 1:22).

It saddens me to see the word of God watered down for young people. It saddens me because I see the hunger in their eyes for something real, something authentic and lasting, but we serve them more pizza and games than the life-giving word of God.
You see, people were drawn to Jesus because He was a man who taught as one who had authority. How many of us seek to teach in the same manner? How many of us seek the true wisdom of God as we teach and proclaim the good news to those whom God has given us to teach.
Maybe we watered it down because we’ve only taken small sips of it. Since we’ve never fully immersed ourselves into God’s word, it’s hard to bring others out into deep waters when we’ve not spent much time out there ourselves.
I think one of the most beautiful things we can do for a person is to bring them into the life-changing word of God and help them experience it. Yes, God’s word is not just meant to be read or heard. It was always meant to be experienced. A true teacher knows how to take people beyond words on a page and into a life-changing memorable experience with the beauty of God’s word. As the Holy Spirit works through them, enabling them to do so.
Maybe I’m passionate about this because I see so little truth and so many hurting teenagers. Maybe its because I see how much potential so many youth ministries could have, but how so few are actually checking into this kind of power. Maybe its because I used to be that kind of leader who cared very little about the word and desired to gather a large crowd and have a lot of fun instead.
I think what many of us need to do is what I did years ago. We need to repent of our lack of love for the word of God. We need to take others deeper, because, trust me, they’re longing for it and they can handle it.
It’s time to stop sipping and its time now to start drinking in the word of God. Yes, drink it in and let its love flow through you. Its power is so life-changing. It is full of wisdom and truth. It sets captives free. It has the power to change you and me and set us on fire for God. Which in the end, spills out into everyone we meet. Until they say, “This person teaches as one who has authority,” because of how the Spirit is working through you.
Lord, I long for your word to be something that I love and something that I drink in deeply. It is so beautiful and it has so much to teach us. Oh Lord, let my heart be captured by your love. Oh Lord, help me through the Holy Spirit to be one who teaches with authority because others see Christ in me! Let it be so, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen!

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