When Life Gets Hard Sometimes I Just Want to Get Away From It All

but Moses fled from Pharaoh and went to live in Midian… (Ex 2:15).
Have you ever been tempted to run when life got hard? I have. Have you ever actually done it, leaving people that you love behind because you just didn’t want to face the hard facts in front of you?
That’s why so many children live with absent parents, whether that’s physically or emotionally. That’s why so many marriages fail and why friendships dissolve. Something got hard, we might have made a mistake, and instead of dealing with it, we fled.
God had some work to do in Moses heart and mind before he was ready to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. He had to become a different man. His fleeing showed that he wasn’t quite ready for the task of being God’s man to lead the Israelites out of slavery. Moses first had to go to the desert where God would reshape him and his character. You see, in Egypt, Moses was known as somebody, but in the desert of Midian, Moses was a nobody. Sometimes God has to walk us through seasons of extreme humbling before He can fully use us for His glory.
I’m sure Moses thought that he would never return to Egypt. I’m certain those voices of fear and failure were speaking loud and clear into His heart and mind. I’m sure he thought, well I ruined my chances and I fled. I’m such a failure, resigned here now to the desert of Midian. However, God even used that desert season as a time of preparation for Moses and He can do the same for us.
God eventually called Moses back to Egypt. He asked him to go back to the place of his deepest fears. God will often do the same for us. He’ll ask us to go back to the places we fled from so that he can redeem what our fear made us run from in the first place. God is always seeking to redeem and restore. He’s always looking for ways to bring us back. We have a choice to make in the matter, will we continue to flee or will we face our deepest fears and trust God? Moses chose to trust God. Would you be willing to do the same?
Lord, when my heart wants to flee I pray that I would stay faithful to you. Father I don’t want to give way to fear I want to stand firm on my confidence in you. Thank you for the desert, because you changed me so much there. Lord, help me now to be strong and courageous and not fear my past, but to stand firm in my confidence in you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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