When I’ve Let My Heart Grow Hard It Always Hurts Those Around Me….

So Pharaoh’s heart was hard and he would not let the Israelites go…(Ex 9:35).

Be careful not to let your heart grow hard. Pharaoh was so prideful and so consumed with self that he didn’t see how badly his hard heart was affecting nearly everyone around him, but this is what a hard heart does. It does not just infect you, but those who are closest to you. It permeates every part of your life, seeking to destroy not only you but those you love the most.
I’ve had moments in life when my heart started to grow cold and hard towards someone. Quite honestly, at the time, because of how slow the progression was I didn’t even notice how hard my heart had gotten. At the time I would have told you that my heart wasn’t hard. I would have told you I was praying to the Lord that it wouldn’t, therefore, I was certain it was still soft. But, if I could be quite honest, it was very hard.
Now, looking back I see how the slow progression started to take my heart away. The only way for us to not give into such hardness of heart is to let other people into our lives who can speak hard truths. People who will help us see our blind spots and love us towards truth. People who aren’t afraid to tell us that, maybe, we don’t have life all together like we thought we did. You see, whenever we invite this kind of feedback into our lives, we have a fighting chance to overcome the slow progression of a hard heart. If we are willing to receiving their counsel, humble ourselves and repent.
That’s what I had to do. I had to get to the bottom of my hard heart so that God could soften it. I had to let Him into a place that, honestly, to some degree, I felt like I deserved to be because of how I was treated. Yet, no hard heart is ever justifiable. Truly, Jesus compels us to “love one another.”
Therefore, be careful not to let your heart grow hard because if you do, it will seek to steal your joy and the joy of those around you.
Lord, I want to live with a heart that is soft towards you and others. I don’t want to live as a woman who holds grudges and stores up anger towards others. Abba, please bring people into my life who can speak hard truths and keep me on your path. I long to walk in the fullness of your grace, in Jesus name, Amen.

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