Get Ready….Your Deliverer Is Coming

Celebrate the Festival of Unleavened Bread, because it was on this very day that I brought your divisions out of Egypt…(Ex 12:17).

Before the Israelites were freed from Egypt God gave them very specific instructions. He told them that they would be freed and gave them things to do in preparation for their deliverance. Israel acted on faith, trusted God and prepared themselves for their deliverance.
What about you? Are you preparing yourself as well for your deliverance? Is God speaking into your life? Do you know His voice when He calls so that you can respond in obedience when He does make the path clear before you?
I cannot tell you how many times my stubborn heart and will has kept me in bondage. It is sickening to think about the countless times I have allowed the enemy to suck me into places of fear and control. Therefore, I’m not able to see the good God does have for me, no hear His voice to respond when He calls.
You see, this was Pharoah’s problem. His heart was so hard towards God that he refused to listen, heed and obey. Yet, the Israelites, on this occasion did not respond that way. They responded instead with courage and obedience. When the time came and they were freed, they were ready, because they listened and obeyed God’s call. In order for us to hear God’s call, we must have hearts that are soft towards Him. We must be willing to lay aside our need to be in control to trust in HIs unfailing love.
Until we do, we will live in places of deep captivity, held there by our own stubborn will. Sometimes we get angry with God over the things in our life that are not going well, when quite frankly, the only person to blame is ourselves. This is humbling, but when we realize that the buck falls with us, we can move forward in repentance, seeking the Lord for a changed heart and mind.
Listen, heed and obey. Take time each day to set aside with God to be still before Him. As you come to Him, not with expectations, but simply to receive His love, He’ll instruct you on how you can be free. Do not harden your heart before Him, stay soft and tender in His grace.
Lord, I am yours. My life, everything that I hold in my hands really just belongs to you. You are such a good and faithful God. Why would I ever doubt you? Fill my heart with your grace and may my heart stay soft before you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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