“Lord, Please, I’ve Had Enough”

May the LORD repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the LORD… (Ruth 2:12).

The Lord sees your sacrifice. I know it doesn’t always feel like, but trust me, He sees all that you have given up and He is pleased and He wants to bless you.
There were many times over the past couple years of my life when I questioned if what I gave up was actually worth it. At the time, it seemed like my life was reaping very little blessing and the reward of my sacrifice was slow in it’s coming. If I could be quite honest though, I was experiencing many blessings I just had a hard time seeing them, because the big ones had not yet come to fruition.
I know what you’re thinking though. Does God really care? Is this some game that He’s trying to play with me to see how far I’ll really go in following Him? Is He just going to keep asking me to give up more and more and more? That’s what it felt like for me. I remember starting to fear what the Lord might ask of me. I remember thinking, “Lord, please, I’ve had enough. Please stop asking me to give up one more thing.”
Little did I know, God was working out a greater gift as I learned the value of letting go. He was fashioning a new story and a more perfect gift. The letting go, albeit so very painful was immensely purposeful. You see, we need not fear what God might ask to give up. Truly, He is a loving Father who loves to shower His children with good things. It took me a while to get there, but I had to start surrendering the lies I was starting to entertain about God to actually start enjoying the season of letting go that He was walking me through. If I could be quite honest, I don’t think I ever got to a place where I loved the season I was in, but I learned to find contentment and peace in it.
Maybe you’ve been there too. In a season where you say of the Lord, “Please, Lord, I’ve had enough.” I think these are seasons God walks us through to teach us about the strength of His grace in us. Truly, I cannot walk through painful seasons on my own, but when I press into supernatural strength of the risen Lord, I can do all things. I can face cancer. I can grieve the loss of a loved one. I can persevere through great disappointment and loss. I can love a difficult child. I can look depression in the face and live an overcoming life. I can sacrifice one more dream, because of God’s sustaining grace.
See, that’s the thing. In those moments when I’ve had enough, I have an opportunity to receive more grace. Grace is meant to be a lifeline to our souls, sent to us from the throne room of God to transform and change us into new and different people. The strength of grace is what I need more than what I once had before. You see, as grace grows in me, so does my love for others and my ability to trust God.
So maybe the letting go is actually for your good. Maybe it’s God’s way of actually making you a stronger person. A person who learns to lean into grace instead of what they’ve always known. A person who learns how to praise in the midst of a season where it feels like you have to keep letting go.
You see, just as Boaz saw Ruth’s sacrifice, God sees the sacrifices you are making too and He wants to bless you, just like Boaz did to Ruth. His blessing will be in even greater abundance if you would just keep hanging onto His love and trusting in His grace.
Oh Lord, you are so good. I live keenly aware of how much I need you and your grace. Life is sometimes a difficult journey, but truly, your grace is enough. Your love is so powerful. Shower it upon me, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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