Our Preparation Will Determine Our Outcome

Are you still sleeping and resting? Enough! The hour has come…(Mark 14:41).

You know, I’ve gotta be honest about something. I love naps. In fact, naps have taken precedence in my life, many times over certain things I needed to prioritize and accomplish. Yet, that nap came calling and so I would set my priorities aside to rest my head upon that pillow and sleep until my heart’s content.
The problem this sometimes created was now there wasn’t enough time to accomplish those priorities and obligations I needed to take care of in my life. Since napping was more important than x, y or z I was now frantically running about trying to get things done before the deadline. Don’t get me wrong, naps are awesome, but they can’t always be the priority. Especially when something big is around the corner.
Imagine if you decided to take a nap instead of attending your own wedding. That wouldn’t go over too well and you’ll have a pretty big mess on your hands after the fact. What if you decided to take a little siesta instead of attending your child’s high school graduation? Again, another bad idea. But, what if you just simply decided to sleep in a little longer instead of investing time in your relationship with God through Bible reading and prayer? No big deal right? Nothing big is on the line, so postponing this time can certainly wait, can’t it?
Well, it can, but the question is, what are you willing to sacrifice for it? The disciples were napping right before the arrest of Jesus, and they were sacrificing far more than their eyes could see. Instead of building up their spiritual resolve and preparing themselves for the hard, difficult journey ahead, they were sleeping. In doing so, they weakened their spiritual muscles and all end up fleeing Jesus once He is arrested. I’m sure many of them wished they could have gone back to the garden and joined Jesus in prayer as He asked them to “keep watch.” Then, they would have been much more prepared for what was ahead. After all, Peter was one of those who were sleeping and shortly after Jesus’ arrest he denies even knowing Christ at all.
I don’t know about you, but I know that if I’m not in the word daily then I’m sure to fall into the temptations of the enemy to flee from my trust in God and run out of fear. As I have spent more and more time with God I’ve watched my spiritual muscles grow. Honestly, its the daily, continual pursuit of the Lord that has held me close to Him when all I’ve wanted to do is flee. Sure, I still struggle, but you see, Jesus is asking all of us to be ready. To prepare ourselves for a spiritual battle and ready ourselves for the unseen. Sometimes life throws us a curveball and our preparation beforehand will help determine where we will end up. It’s inevitable.
So friends, get ready and prepare yourself for battle. There’s something coming around the corner and God is trying to get you into His training room to prepare your hands, your heart and your mind for war. If you sit under His leadership, you’ll be ready, but if you fail to enter into His training room, you’ll fall easily into the hands of the enemy.
Lord, I want to be ready. I know, sometimes, even in these early mornings of spending time with you, I lack the discipline to stay focused. Help me God, to keep my mind and my heart stayed upon you. Lord, please, prepare me in your training room to become spiritually strong and ready for your glory, in Jesus name, Amen.

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