How Could They Hurt Me Like That?

Again and again they struck him on the head with a staff and spit on him…(Mark 15:19).

Have you ever wondered how another human being could treat another person, made in the image of God so terribly? Maybe the person who was mistreated was you. Maybe it was your child or someone close to you, so it’s hard not to take it very personally. I get it. It hurts, and the thought of it makes you want to strike back. Trust me, I get all of that.
Yet, no amount of striking back on our behalf will ever resolve our situations. If wrong has been done to us the right solution is not to seek revenge, but to entrust ourselves to a Holy God who redeems and restores all things that sins attempt to wreck and destroy.
I know what you may be thinking though, “But, how could they? How is this fair and why is God allowing this?”
Here’s what I had to do in my life. I had to stop asking why and start believing in faith that God would bring joy from my pain and the wrong done to me. He would turn my mourning into dancing and restore what the locusts had eaten. I kept claiming that truth for my life, believing in faith that if God has done it for others in the Scriptures, then He could do it for me.
I had to let those who hurt me go. I had to start praying for them, asking God to bless their life and grow them up in Him. I find whenever I neglect to pray this way for them, I’m quick to start getting angry at them once more for what they’ve done. Sometimes, in my stubbornness I pick them and the hurt they’ve caused me back up. This has never been good for my heart. I’ve learned I have to keep setting them back down as I give them back to God.
As Jesus hung on the cross, wrongfully accused, beaten, betrayed and bloodied from head to foot be sought no revenge but offered a simple prayer entrusting Himself to His Father’s redemption, saying, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
Until we release the wrong done to us, we will wear it like a banner that weighs our hearts down into the grave of bitterness. Where we secretly seek revenge. The only safe place I can go with my pain is to the healer. He’s the only just judge who can make all things new and so today I’m choosing to do just that. I will continue to pray for those who’ve hurt me and seek the grace of God as I grow, change and heal.
Lord, I entrust every situation to you. You are a just and mighty God who can take my pain and turn it into something beautiful. You are doing that even now in my life. Thank you for being so faithful to me. Thank you for restoring those things sin tried to destroy. Help me as I follow you to be like Jesus and to keep letting go, so that I can take up more and more grace, in Jesus name, Amen.

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