Droplets of His Love in Seasons of Great Loss

for they will be filled….(Matt 5:6).

Has it ever felt like Jesus was emptying your life? Like, He just kept pouring out one more thing after another? Now, it feels like the only thing you’re left with is a few drops in a cup that are little extensions of His love to you as you deal with the pain of great loss.
I don’t think Jesus delights in pouring us out, but you see, sometimes in order for us to be filled and made new, we have to be emptied of what we’ve always known. Can I be really honest? I don’t really like that process. It is so painful to walk through seasons where it feels like you’re losing everything. It’s devastating, embarrassing and life-altering, but sometimes, we have to get to the end of ourselves to truly find ourselves in Christ. Sometimes, the identity we shaped for our own lives is something that Jesus is trying to get to the bottom of to make us more like Him.
See, those are the times when, if I could be quite honest, I don’t really like being made more like Jesus. It’s in those seasons when I want to take what is being poured out and put some of it back in so that life doesn’t feel so painful. Yet, Jesus reminds me that He will never leave me. His little droplets of love are there to sustain me when everything falls apart. You see, it’s Jesus that I need, not what I’ve always known. It’s His love that I need to drink from, not the river of self-sufficiency I’ve always turned to.
Sometimes it feels like someone else took our cup and poured it out. Have you ever had that happen before, where you’re cruising along in life and someone grabs your cup and starts pouring your life out and you’re left wondering what to make of it? Anyone who has been abused, neglected, forgotten or rejected knows what I’m talking about. You understand the pain of having someone use you. Sadly, you know what it’s like to have someone pour you out as though your life means nothing to them.
But you see, even Jesus remains there with us in those moments and if we are willing, He can fill our cup back up with the blessings given from His hand if we choose to hold fast to Him in those seasons. That’s what I kept clinging to. I kept believing that Jesus would restore, and redeem every wrong done to me. I kept believing that He would take my life and fill it once more in new ways, from the blessing of His grace.
And He did just that. He restored and redeemed everything the enemy tried to take from me and now I’m experiencing the grace of His love and His blessings.
Be encouraged that if you’re walking through something, God can restore and redeem it as you continue to surrender your nearly empty cup to Him and trust Him to fill it, in His timing, with His power to redeem.
Lord, you are so good. You are the voice of truth in my life. You are my sustaining grace. You are my joy and my hope. Father, please, fill my heart with your grace. I need you desperately. I want to live in the fullness of your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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