Replaying Your Hurt is Only Stealing Your Joy in Christ

If the home is deserving, let your peace rest on it; if it is not, let your peace return to you… (Matt 10:13).

Sometimes I allow my thoughts to rest on places that steal away my joy and sufficiency in Christ. I’ll let my thoughts wander to the places and the people in my life who’ve hurt me. I’ll sit for far too long in that moment, which only causes my heart to be carried away towards a place of defeat and negativity.
Jesus, quite simply says to His disciples, If a home doesn’t receive you than let your peace return to you. Maybe that’s something you need to hear today, I’m not sure. Maybe, if you’ve been like me, you need to stop going back to that moment in time or season in life when things didn’t go right. When someone hurt you or betrayed your trust. Maybe they said something or said nothing at all and it cut you deep. Look, I get it, but replaying that moment will only steal the peace you have in Christ who makes all things new.
Instead of looking outside myself and towards those times I’ve been hurt I must focus my attention inward. To the person of Jesus who lives inside of me. I must choose to rest with Him. For truly, He dwells inside of me. As I sit with Him, under the comfort of His shade, the pain of the things that happened are washed away in the grip of His perfect love that dances over me.
Lord, I surrender. Forgive me when I look outward and not inward to your love that dances over me. I claim the victory that I have in you Jesus and ask for your love and peace to fill my heart, in Jesus name, Amen.

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