When Life Has Just About Snuffed You Out

 A bruised reed he will not break,

and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out… (Matt 12:20).

Have you ever felt like you were on your last leg? Like maybe life was about to snuff you out as you sat at the bottom of the pit? I’ve been there. When life stopped making sense and one thing kept compiling on another. Life kept sending me one crushing blow after another. I felt like Job, sitting in the dust, wondering what God was doing.
Thankfully, even in our deepest moments of pain, Jesus does not snuff us out. The flame of His love for us continues to burn within our hearts if we are wiling to sit in the comfort of His grace. There is good news for the heart that feels done with life. There is even greater news for the life of one who has learned to find their joy and contentment in the Lord Jesus, despite difficult circumstances.
You see, we must remember that even though we are but a measly flickering flame, we are still a flame. We are still burning with light. We still have life in Christ and for that, we can praise Him. As we submit ourselves to the giver of life, the breathe that comes from His lungs starts to awaken new life in us. Eventually, overtime, God will restore the broken pieces of our lives. It’s just, sometimes we have to stay a flickering, tiny candle, because He’s still at work.
Don’t believe that lie that tells you this is it. This is the end and life as you know it is over. In Christ, there is always hope. Even in our dying breathe new life awaits us on the other side.
On this side of heaven we will experience much pain and great difficulty, but you see, what God is looking for is not flames constantly on fire for Him, always joyful, always assured, always on it, burning as though they’ve caught the world on fire. No, what He’s looking for are little flames who will trust Him when they are at the end of their rope. Those are the flickering flames He can breathe new life into. Those are the flames whose stories are still being written. Yes, those are the flames who have a story to share with others about what God did in their life when it felt like life was about to give out. They are the true champions for Jesus as they trust Him in some of life’s darkest hours.
Be reminded, that there is still life in you as you walk with Christ. No journey is too dark for HIs love to penetrate and no circumstance is too great for His love. You can do this, because of Christ. Press into His grace, it’s awaiting you.
Lord, you have never failed me. You are always with me. You see me, you know me and you love me. Even in some of my most painful moments, I was still a little flame burning for you. Thank you for not snuffing me out, but for sticking with me by your grace. May I offer that same grace to others today, through the power of your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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