When I Learned This Valuable Lesson….It Changed the Way I Viewed Leadership in the Kingdom of God

Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant….(Matt 20:26).

Have you ever tried pushing your way to the top? Trying to convince yourself and others that you were worthy of the position you were jockeying for? After all, in your own heart, you believed you deserved it and these people just didn’t see or value how gifted you were. That’s a tough one for me to admit, but in my own selfishness, I have entertained such thoughts towards others.
Jesus has been taking me on this journey. It’s a journey of growing in humility. He’s teaching me that truly until we learn to become a servant to all, we will not be ready for more Kingdom work. Sure, there are many who have more work to do, but whether or not they are being empowered by the Holy Spirit is really quite questionable. If you push your way to the top, you’ll plow through people, but if you come as a servant, you’ll take others with you. Look around you and see how many others you’re taking with you as you grow in God’s Kingdom. If there aren’t many, chances are, you’re pushing your way to the top via your own ego.
Could it be that some of the most loved preachers, teachers and writers have actually been those who’ve pushed their way to the top, instead of first learning to be a servant of all? I know I’ve struggled with desiring their positions and their status. It’s easy to become awestruck of other Christians who have the status we have wrongfully lusted for in our own hearts.
We all want to be somebody, but Jesus says we have to first be willing to become a nobody. Maybe instead of pushing our way to the stop, we should first learn to serve and as others see our attitude and desire to simply be a servant, they’ll give us more Kingdom work to do. We’ll be ready for it too, because we have learned to walk, not in step with our own ego, but in step with humility.
After we have learned the value of smallness, we can now walk in the wisdom of grace. God will bless those whose walk is not seeking the approval of others and He’ll give them more Kingdom work to do.
Lord, I want to be a servant. I know I don’t always get this right, but I very much want to first serve before I seek the stage. Lord, may I become small so that you become big, in Jesus name, Amen.

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