A Dear Friend Told Me to Cut the Relationship Off….But I Just Didn’t Listen…

sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is contrary to you, but you must rule over it…(Genesis 4:7).

Years ago, in my early 20’s as I sat down with a mentor and friend, they said to me, “Heather, you must cut this relationship off, completely, it’s leading you down a very unhealthy path.” Quite frankly, I knew they were right and I knew deep down inside that was the best decision I could make, but if I could be quite honest, in my stubbornness I was unwilling to let it go.
I thought I could hang onto it and be OK. I convinced myself that I was big enough to be able to handle my emotions and not get them wrapped up in this person like I had in an unhealthy way. Truth be told though, I wasn’t able to do it. Thankfully, although I cast many lines towards this person, he did not take the bait. Truly, I am so thankful for God’s protection over me, despite my deep immaturity.
Yet, there have been other times and seasons when God has allowed me to fall flat on my face because I kept clinging to my stubborn rebellion. Sin has a way of blinding us from God’s truth, because the only thing we can see is what we want. When all we can see is what we want, we will never be able to see a loving God who showers good gifts on His children.
You see, God is so patient with us. He is so loving and kind to look upon sinners and have immense grace for them. He does this with Cain as well in Genesis 4. God notices that Cain’s heart is beginning to burn with anger, just as my friend noticed how my heart was being led astray. Thus, He warns Cain by telling him that sin is crouching at the door of his life, but he must rule over it. You see, sin is seeking us out like prey. It’s looking for the perfect opportunity to pounce on us and overtake us. But the truth is that, through Christ, we have the ability to stand over it. Yes, it crouches, lying in wait, but we stand victorious through Christ as overcomers.
You see, whenever we crouch down low with sin, listening to the whispers of it’s deep deception, we begin to become just like it. We make it easy for sin to wrap its words around us whenever we position ourselves with it; holding it close like a dear friend. It is sad that we trust ourselves and the sin that seeks to overtake us more than an Almighty God, but if you’ve ever been much like me, in your own foolishness you start to believe that you know better.
Be reminded today that you are an overcomer. Yes, you have the victory, through Christ, to release your worries, anxieties and stubbornness to Him. Truly, you can trust Him and as you do, you crush sin as you live the overcoming life.
Lord, I am an overcomer. Sin is not my master, truly, you are. Abba, forgive me for my stubborn heart. I want to be more like you. Continue to mold and shape me into your image. Grow me up in Christ-likeness. I know that sin lies in wait for me, but I pray that I don’t take its bait, but that instead I would walk in step with your Spirit, crushing sin underneath me along the way, in Jesus name, Amen.

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