What I’m Learning About My Purpose in Life

whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me…. (Matt 25:40).
I’m learning that my purpose in life is not some grand appointment, but instead, something much simpler. Is God’s calling great upon our lives? Yes of course, but I’m learning that His calling isn’t what I’ve always thought. Whenever I would think about God’s call I would think of this grand vision, this monumental task that would reach thousands and then some. Now, I’m learning that God’s call is much simpler but even grander.
You see, God’s call on our lives is to practice grace, humility, and love. It’s to learn to become a servant of all, putting the needs of others before our own. Our purpose is found in small, daily, acts of kindness. A meal served to someone who is hungry. A smile unto someone struggling with depression. A listening ear and shoulder to cry on for another person who has just recently suffered a great loss in their life. You see, my investment in the Kingdom is not about me. It’s found in loving Him and others.
I think what repels people from Christianity the most is this idea that God wants us to build something, like a large church or organization. Yet, I think what I’m learning instead is that God wants us to build into something, like a person. A person who, just like us, comes with their messes, fears, and insecurities. A person, loved by God, who needs to see their value but maybe has never understood that they have value.
Each small step we take towards investing in people, we take one giant step towards great Kingdom work for God. As the Spirit multiplies our efforts we can be assured that God takes our little investments and brings a great return. He did it countless times in the Scriptures (the Widow of Zarapeth, feeding of the 5,000, Gideon’s army, etc). Why would we expect any less from Him now?
Jesus Himself invested in 12 people. You see, my small acts, done in love, grace and humility are where my greatest purpose is found as I share the love of Jesus in tangible ways with those I encounter. Jesus isn’t just something I speak from a platform but becomes something I live within my heart and share with everyone I meet.
Lord, I want to live for you. Help me, to invest my life in small ways so that others see how real you are. Father, help me to see the hurting. Use my life to love them. Give me the grace to speak your name to all that I meet as I seek to love them like you would, in Jesus name, Amen.

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