Now This is Just Remarkable

On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying…(Genesis 15:18).

God made a covenant with Abram, or as its better understood in the original language, He “cut” a covenant with Abram. In the ancient near east to make a covenant with someone was extremely binding and very meaningful.
The two parties would create a trench and then take an animal, or in this case, a number of animals and slay them and split them down the middle as a sacrifice for the covenant. They would then lay the two halves of the animals on each side of the trench so that the bottom of the trench would be filled with blood. This is what was called, “the blood path.”
Then, in most cases both parties would walk the path togethe. Signifying that if either of them broke their promises to one another that day they should be treated as these sacrifices. This was taken very seriously as each party was communicating to the other that if they didn’t fulfill their part, they’re as good as dead. As if saying, “Let me suffer for it and may this blood be against me for my rebellion against this covenant.
The remarkable thing in Genesis 15 is that only God walks the blood path. Signifying that He’ll take the heat, not just for Himself, but for Abram as well. Obviously, God stays faithful to His covenant promises and never breaks this covenant with Abram. However, mankind, in their sinfulness is unable to keep covenants perfectly and so one day, God, in all of His power steps down from Heaven, and sends His son to suffer for the children of Abraham. Which by the way, is you and me.
Yes, Jesus fulfills the conditions of the blood path for us. He takes the heat for our wrongdoing. He walks the path and takes the punishment that we were supposed to walk. God was communicating the gospel through this act thousands of years before the lamb of God set foot on the earth.
If that’s not remarkable, I’m not sure what is. If that doesn’t make your heart sing and dance with gratitude towards Jesus, I wonder if you’re still breathing.
Jesus suffered, like a lamb who was slain. His blood was poured out for our forgiveness. He was ripped, beaten and bruised for us. He walked the path we were supposed to walk, because truly, He is love. This is why its so ridiculous when people say that the Old Testament is old, that it doesn’t apply to us and that the God of the Old Testament was mean and cruel. No, He was immensely kind and He proves that by walking the blood path we so rightly deserved.
Lord, I am in awe of you. You are so kind and gracious. You are full of love. May my heart sing and dance for joy because of your willing sacrifice for me. Truly, you are the greatest gift in all the world. Thank you for walking the blood path for me, in Jesus name Amen.

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