He’s Not Finished With You Yet

he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus… (Php 1:6).

Your story isn’t over. There’s so much work still to be done in your life. Will we make mistakes, hit some bumps in the road and make decisions out of immaturity, pride and fear? We will. Will we face consequences for those decisions? We will. But, just because our journey got a little messy doesn’t mean that our story is over. You see, God is always writing a new story on our hearts. It’s a story of redemption, grace and forgiveness.
He loves to restore and redeem. He loves to take broken things and make them beautiful.
I know during the many seasons in my life when I have not listened to the promptings of the Lord and have suffered consequences for my foolish actions I have felt like a failure to God, but beloved, this is not how He sees you. Truly, He counsels you in the way of wisdom, but if you choose to go your own way, God is there when everything falls apart. He’s a good Father who walks with you through your mess. Don’t hide your face from Him in shame. I can just picture Him saying, “Beloved, I knew this was going to happen, but I’m here with you now and I still believe in you and love you.”
I am learning that what I need is the same kind of attitude towards people who stumble and fall. It’s easy to say, “I told you so,’ when someone falls, but it’s best to say, “I’m here with you now.” Then, help them walk the journey of healing. Don’t shame them or rub their face in their failures. They already feel a deep sense of shame. They don’t need you to remind them of it.
God is working even in the most broken areas of our lives. He continues to pursue us. He lavishes His love upon us. He can take your messed up life and use it to display HIs glory. That is good news indeed.
Lord, here I am, use me to be a light for your glory. Help me to be full of grace for those who fail. Grant me the strength to walk with them when life falls apart. Lord, fill me with the love of Jesus for those who are hurting. Make me more like you, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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