Life is Full of Disappointing Moments

Blessed are all who take refuge in him….(Psalm 2:12).

Life is full of disappointing moments, isn’t it? In fact, they are sure to happen. We cannot avoid them. King David can relate. He faced his own share of disappointing moments in life. Yet, he continued to seek the Lord and find refuge in Him.
When life brings you something that shakes you up a bit it’s easy to grow discouraged and disheartened, especially if what happens brings with it some hurt that you have to wrestle through. It is good to wrestle with God through your hurt and disappointment. It is good to take refuge in Him when life brings about a disappointing moment. Truly, only the Lord can steady our hearts and renew our minds as we give Him our whole selves.
I’m not saying that finding refuge in the Lord is going to offer some automatic fix for your disappointment, but what I am saying is that in the midst of it, you can have peace knowing that your Heavenly Father holds you close, reminding you that He is for you and not against you.
I remember as a child how often I would burrow up in my dad’s lap. It was so comforting and safe there. His lap didn’t take all of my problems away, but it certainly brought me peace.
If you’re feeling a bit discouraged, take a moment to burrow up in your Heavenly Father’s lap. It’s safe there and good. It’s comforting for the soul weighed down by a discouraging moment and it offers peace for those who seek the Lord. I am finding, at least for me, that He grows me through the grieving as I release my desire to be in control to Him.
Lord, sometimes I don’t know what to pray, but I know that you are near. I know that you bring comfort and joy. I know that I have lasting freedom in you. Jesus, please be the place I find myself in. I long to burrow up into your lap and find my comfort, joy, and delight in you, Amen.

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