When Trauma Hits and You’re Still Grieving….

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds… (Psalm 147:3).

What happens when we feel dissapointed by our circumstances in life or by other Christians who have hurt us along the way? How do we deal with such pain? How do we, in a healthy way, process the emotions that we feel?
First we must learn how to properly grieve and mourn. Some experiences in life are so painful that the first place that we must go to is straight into God’s arms so that He might weep with us in our deep anguish and pain. It is good to be attentive to those needs within our hearts. I am learning, for me, that there’s part of my heart that doesn’t want to let go of what I’m grieving, because I miss it and still want it to be part of my life. Yet, God is challenging me to embrace a new journey. He is so kind and gracious as He continues to comfort me as I mourn the loss of an old one.
I don’t understand why certain losses happen in our lives. I really don’t. I wish I did, because it would certainly make it much easier to move on in life without so much grief. Yet, maybe part of this grieving process is there to remind us that this is not our home and that a better life is coming without pain, crying our tears. Then, sometimes I think we walk through such traumatic experiences so that we can have compassion for others who walk through their own.
So, if you’re still grieving a loss in your life, that’s OK. Keep taking it to Jesus. He really does care and He’s not tired of you coming to Him. Until we continue to grieve with hope, we will never fully heal and sometimes, it takes much longer to heal and that’s OK.
Some traumatic experiences in life are earth shattering and hit us to the absolute core. In those moments, we have a choice to make, will we be buried by them, mask our grief and never heal or will we continue to allow God to go with us into the tomb of our hearts to heal, restore and make us new?
Lord, I entrust my whole life to you. Thank you for redeeming so much in my life. Thank you that you can take this new journey in my life and make something beautiful out of it. I want to experience your beauty in my life so I can share your grace with others. Father, shower your love upon me today, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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