My Need to Be Right Really Hurts Me in the Long Run

knowledge puffs up while love builds up…(1 Cor 8:1).

Have you ever been the type of person that always had to be right? Even to the point where you felt so right about things that you believed it was your duty to help those who jus didn’t have the same understanding or insight as you?
Yeah, that’s definitely been me. In my own pride, I have hurt people, made them feel incompetent and one up them with my own need to be right.
As you can imagine, this approach towards people has proven to be very destructive. My need to be right has only proven just how wrong I actually am. Paul says that knowledge “puffs up.” In the original language this word means, “to inflate, blow up, to cause to swell up.” There have been seasons in my life when, instead of building into others through the love of God I have sat fat in my own pride as my heart swelled with self-righteousness.
Sometimes I still see this insidious issue start to swell up in my life. There have been many moments with the Lord where I have had to ask for HIs intervention in my heart and mind and for His wisdom on whether or not I should stay silent or speak. I am finding, more often than not, the Lord is asking me to keep my mouth shut.
When you get all puffed up, it’s hard for people to get close to you. In all reality, most people won’t want to get close to you as you make them feel less than and not good enough. The slimmer we become with humility, the closer people will get to us and because of it, our relationships will thrive and grow. As we begin to make people feel valued, through the love of God, will build them up instead of tear them down.
Lord, I want to be humble. I want to treat people with love, dignity and grace. Forgive me when my need to be right and use my knowledge over love gets in the way. Instead, grow my heart in grace for others, like myself who struggle. Fill me with your love, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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