Desiring the Gifts of Others

those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable… (1 Cor 12:22).
For the longest time I wished that I could sing. The reason being was because I wanted to be on stage, showcasing my gifts, because at the time, I felt like they were significant. I wanted the gifts of others, because, quite honestly, I just wanted to be seen by others as having value in the Kingdom of God.
But, after years of realizing that singing just wasn’t my gift, but that God had gifted me in other ways I let go of this idea that singing held greater value in the Kingdom of God. It was then when I started to embrace the journey God has for me. You see, whenever we lust after the gifts of someone else, we stall the growth of our own.
If we are lusting after the gifts of someone else then using our gifts are not for the glory of God, but for our own stubborn pride and ego. God will not grow a gift of His under those conditions. We might be “on display” for God at certain times, but ashamedly there are have been times when my gift was forced or I tried to take control and the Lord humbled me as He taught me how to truly rest in the Holy Spirit’s work in my life and not my own.
You might have the gift of prayer or another one of the less glamorous gifts that are not normally seen by others. Don’t go wishing for a stage to showcase your gifts. Ask instead for a hidden corner or small invitation to serve even the smallest of nooks for the Kingdom.
You see, Jesus never went looking for the stage. He simply made Himself available, most often, to one person at a time. In doing so He made ripple effects across the land that to this day are still pulsating about.
Maybe the corner you’ve been given to serve feels small and insignificant. What I have learned during those seasons is that God often wants to grow us in humility. Trust me when I say this as someone who used to have a stage and then didn’t. It is good, for a time to sit in a place of humility so that the Father grows your heart not for things, praise or applause, but for people. Yes, this is the goal of ministry, not to capture a stage, but to love one person at a time, just like Jesus.
Abba, use my life. Shower others with your grace through me. I want to be a Kingdom worker who works for you in the small, unseen places. Lord, please glorify your name in me. Use me to love one person at a time so that I can be just like Jesus, Amen.

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