When I Embraced This Step in My Journey I Found Peace Knowing God is in Control

“Death has been swallowed up in victory.”…(1 Cor 15:54).

There’s a bigger picture going on. Trust me, it’s hard for me to focus on that when it seems like the immediate is constantly trying to grab for my time, energy and attention. Yet, God has something in store for us so great that we wouldn’t believe it.
If I could be really honest though, I don’t think much about the big picture. Especially when my heart and mind become flooded with worry, fear, doubt, and anxiety. I become captured- in the moment, by all those things I cannot control.
Last night I started to feel anxious and worried because this week is a big one for me as the youth group kicks off at my new job. I started to worry about all the expectations I have of myself and all the ones my doubt and worry told me others had too. I started to doubt my ability to lead. I quickly allowed my thoughts to take me into a place of defeat as I beat myself up over a few last-minute details I was trying to take care of.
Then the Lord reminded me, “Heather, do not be anxious about anything”…..
Did you ever pause and think that its quite possible our deeds done in ministry are more or less opportunities for us to comfort or ease our worry? If things could just go well, we’ll feel great about ourselves or if we could just get some approval from others we’ll feel like we’re doing a good enough job. But, something bigger is at stake here. Something so glorious we wouldn’t believe it. It’s the Kingdom. It’s the hope of Heaven. It’s eternity with God.
Don’t you see, as Christians, our greatest job is not to make a great program, but to usher people into God’s kingdom. To take them on a journey with Him towards that celestial city where every wrong is made right and every hope is restored. When I forget about the bigger picture I miss the greatness of an Almighty and holy God who wants to do great things among us.
Everything that has been entrusted to me, whether that be my job, ministry, family or friends are all opportunities for me to embrace the bigger picture. To trust God with the results and to live with an open hand knowing, that at any time, He could change my plans and open a new way for me as I grow and change to be more like Him.
I feel like the Father is saying to me, “Heather, do not forget that the greatest ministry you’ll ever do is the one you’re allowing me to do in you first. Your transparency, your brokenness, and humility is the greatest gift you have to share with others.” This is the bigger picture, is it not? A willingness to lay ourselves down as a living sacrifice so that the Father can breathe His resurrection life into us.
So, don’t worry about what you cannot see. Embrace the one who sees it all and watch Him work among you, for His glory and namesake, in Jesus name.
Father, I trust you. I am but simply a beggar at the door of your mercy. I am a messy individual in need of the grace of an all-loving, kind, and gracious Savior. Truly, you are for me and not against me. You take every wrong and make it right. You are a mighty God and I trust you with the bigger picture, in Jesus name, Amen.

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