A Misplaced Identity

how much greater is the glory of that which lasts!… (2 Cor 3:11).

Sometimes social media can be really, really bad for my soul. I’ll just be straight up honest. I can spend way too much time on it or I can even begin to allow my emotions to be swayed by it based upon the response of others to my posts. Something that can be used for good, can very quickly become an unhealthy mechanism for me to feed my ego.
Social media is a platform. A platform for us to showcase our lives. The things we do, places we go, etc. But, when did it become about our identity? There’s a difference between highlighting what I ate for lunch and finding my identity in how much response it got from others. You see, this communicates something to me about a misplaced understanding of my identity. It tells me that my affections are not being guarded by the truth. It shows me that my time, energy and devotion are not towards the Lord and giving Him a platform through my social media. Instead, it reveals that I’m the platform and that I’m using it to soothe my ego and grant me joy.
If this is how I feel from time to time, can you imagine how a teenager, who is already dealing with deep feelings of insecurity must feel? Can you imagine the pressure, the feelings of not being good enough and the struggle with who they really are?
Maybe we as adults are failing our kids, to some degree, because we’re leading the way on this whole issue with a misplaced identity online. Maybe we’re leading them into a place of despair and loneliness because we’re not fully present with them because our faces are glued to a screen too.
It’s in moments like these when thoughts of, “People don’t value you. They don’t think you’re that important. If they really cared about you they would have ____________,” start to flood my heart and mind that I must learn to pause. Yes, pause and place my thoughts in the hands of my maker who says that I am enough. That I have value and worth in His eyes.
Lord Jesus, I surrender to your grace. Please forgive me when I make my life all about me. I want to be led by your hand. Jesus, my life is an offering to you. Please, I pray that even if I am poured out like a drink offering that I would keep coming to your fountain to find grace and mercy. Lord, I repent of spending too much time on social media and finding some sense of worth in it. I ask for your grace, in all of this, in Jesus name, Amen.

4 thoughts on “A Misplaced Identity

  1. Social media wasn’t good for me, so I got rid of Facebook. To be honest, WordPress has pretty much replaced it. But I prefer this platform because it enables me to be more of a producer of content than a consumer of it. It’s more blessed to give than to recieve! Thanks for the post 🙂

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