Open Wide Your Heart….You Can Trust Him

open wide your hearts also…. (2 Cor 6:13).

You can trust God. You really can. I know that sounds trite of me to say, especially in light of what God might be asking of you in this current season in life. You could be walking through a painful, dark and difficult season. You could also be wrestling with doubt, fear, and insecurity over something you know that you need to release. I’ve been in both situations many times in my life.
The thing that holds me back the most from trusting God has been my unwillingness to open wide my heart to Him. To me, it felt too scary and too vulnerable, so I just didn’t. This only damaged my ability to trust Him with everything that I had.
I’ll be honest, there are some things in my heart that I like having some sense of control over and the thought of opening my heart wide to God feels scary because, well, what if God asks me to really let go and walk away from something I cherish?
We ask this question a lot, don’t we? We think God somehow wants to take things from us without wanting to bless us with something better. That somehow if I truly release things to God, I’ll only lose and have nothing to gain.
That’s a lie. I get that, but sometimes, in my own stubborn mind, I have a really hard time believing living that out in praxis. However, when I do learn to let go, I find that even greater gifts await me. This is just how God works as I open wide my heart to Him.
Lord, I release my need for control. I open my heart wide to you because you are good and trustworthy. Forgive me when I believe that you’re not good and that somehow you’re going to short change me if I open wide my heart to you. Lord Jesus, why would I ever doubt your love? I release everything that I have, for truly, it all belongs to you, in Jesus name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Open Wide Your Heart….You Can Trust Him

  1. My first thought was that I’m a pretty open person. But on second thoughts, I put God in a box when I assume that He’s limited in what He can do with me. I know I’m limited in what I can do, but I shouldn’t allow that fact to make me assume that God can’t do the impossible in and through me! Thanks for that challenge to be open-hearted to what God may have for us, and not to limit Him! 🙂

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  2. The picture He gave us to understand this was how to catch a monkey. When someone wants to catch a monkey all they need is a jar and a peanut. They take the jar with a mouth just big enough to put the peanut through and place it in full view of the monkey. The monkey comes, puts its hand in the jar and grabs the peanut. When it tries to pull its hand out it can’t because the hand and the peanut won’t come out together. The monkey won’t let go of the peanut and so is caught.

    When we hang on to something satan catches us as easily as the monkey. When we learn to let go we are free and can’t be caught.

    God is calling us to let go of what we hang on to so tightly for He knows we will be caught if we don’t. He asks us to have open hands, to trust Him that what we are letting go of isn’t valuable as what He has for us.

    Just like the monkey, however, we willingly give up the good fruit God has for the measly peanut in the trap. Satan plays us for fools which is exactly what we are when we don’t learn this. God has great blessing for us but only if we trust Him with open hands. He will fill our open hands with His goodness. Our clenched and grasping fist will only make us miss His goodness but will trap us in the end.

    Yes, we need to learn to trust Jesus with our whole lives. I know it isn’t easy but when we unclench our fist and let go of the temporal God has eternal blessings for us.

    Homer Les


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