A Generous Heart is Not Something That Comes Natural To Me

whoever sows generously will also reap generously…(2 Co 9:6).

My husband has taught me the value of being a generous giver. If I could be quite honest, prior to having my husband stretch and grow me in this area I was quite stingy and didn’t often lean towards generosity. Sure, I gave my tithe and did so gladly, but to give in great abundance felt scary to me. It’s amazing to me how sometimes I get anxious about giving a little extra because I fear that something bad might happen.
Yet, God reminds us that whenever we sow generously, we too will reap generously. If you’re wondering why God isn’t providing for you maybe its because He’s asked you to help provide for someone else first. God loves a cheerful giver and He also loves a giver who is willing to go first.
I’ve always been very good at budgeting, making sure money was going where it needed to go without overspending. My money-wise planning has proved helpful, but sometimes, I’ve noticed it creates a bit of unhealthy control in me. My need to “stick to the budget” makes me stingy and less generous sometimes. There are many times when my husband wants to give to help someone, but my heart says, “But….that’s our money.” I have to fight against this mentality and come with an open hand towards God instead.
It’s true that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. This is true for those of us who struggle with holding onto it as well. Those of us who lack a truly generous heart because fear sometimes speaks louder than faith. Yet, because of my husbands giving and generous Spirit I have watched my own heart grow in generosity as his kindness has challenged me to let go. I have often to tell myself, “Heather, don’t be controlling, be generous,” whenever my husband wants to be more generous.
God will always place people, circumstance and situations in our lives that press into the areas we need to grow the most. Don’t push those people or circumstances away. Instead, embrace them knowing they are not a burden, but a gift from God to make you more like Jesus and less of a control freak.
Lord, today I want to be generous. Generous of my time, energy, emotions and money. I don’t want to be stingy. Help me to live as one who loves to give and not one who loves to hold on, in Jesus name, Amen.

5 thoughts on “A Generous Heart is Not Something That Comes Natural To Me

  1. Yeah, I can relate. Used to be that way with money too. Once God took it all away and we became destitute and homeless it did wonders in killing the ‘self’ nature and the fear of lack I had inside.

    Now we (I) love to be generous and there is no fear of lack. No matter how much we give God always fills up our tanks. We like to say ‘you can’t outgive God’. 🙂

    One day in our homeless wandering we found ourselves in a little Filipino church. God said ‘put your last 10 bucks in the offering’. Now this was our last bit of money and we hadn’t eaten much in the past few days but I could not disobey. So I put the money in the plate, happily.

    Well after the service these wonderful people invited us to stay for a group lunch. Well boy did we eat. It was a huge feast and after going hungry for so many days it was really nice to have HOT food. 🙂 Anyways afterwards they gave us some to take to our two daughters and dog as they had to stay outside with him. So we all ate well.

    The next day after that we were in a different place and the maintenance man there talked with us. He relayed that he too was homeless in his youth and wanted to help us. He helped us get some food from the food bank and then brought us back. When he dropped us off he opened his wallet and gave us $100.

    This was just one lesson where we saw God return to us when we gave in obedience. And this is not about money. We have given away many things, some valuable, and God sees what we have done. Some is returned, some isn’t. Frankly I think God is waiting until we come Home to give us the remainder. We are ok with that since He is so good at keeping track of our sacrifice and obedience.

    I hope you too learn the great lesson of being generous. It really is cool and very freeing.

    Homer Les

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  2. I can also relate on this very inspiring post! Sometimes, God replaced the money we have given with good health and wisdom. It feels good to be generous to others in need, though we are also in a helpless situation. This is the best time to give away your wealth, like the poor widow in the Bible. God bless!

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