Yes, Even Your Story Can Be Restored

Strive for full restoration…(2 Cor 13:11).

My mother loves to restore old pieces of furniture. Dad usually gets roped into the process too as that old piece of furniture is transformed into what it once was before. Sometimes it even comes out looking better. The care, concern, and love that’s put into that little piece of furniture pay off in the long run as it comes out completely and fully restored.
I know what you’re thinking, could this broken relationship, shattered dream, this hope or this expectation that seems so lost ever be restored? It can, but it’s going to take hard work. Nothing is too lost with God. All things, under His power, can be restored and they can come out looking better than they were before.
Can I be really honest though? That truth was really hard for me to believe in the midst of my own broken and shattered season. The betrayal, loss, and devastation all seemed too much, too messy and far too lost. I wondered if any of it could really be restored, but I kept clinging to the reality that God was a really big God. He was bigger than my troubles and fears. Bigger than what I could only see in front of me.
I remember a counselor saying to me during that great season of loss, “Heather, you need to be prepared to start your life over again.” Although I understood this was a sure reality I was ready and willing to go back and work with God in the process of restoration. Can I just say though, that was really messy and difficult? Some days it felt like I got nowhere, other days it seemed as though I only took one or two steps forward and then other days it seemed like the bottom fell out again as I was hit with one more blow after another.
Sometimes those blows came from within the body of Christ and to be honest, those hurt the most. But I know that I’ve hurt people too and although blows came from the places I didn’t expect them, God still restored my story and my life as I entrusted it to Him. So if that’s part of your story, don’t carry that weight of bitterness and hurt against others. Release that to God, because He can make something beautiful out of it.
Don’t give up hope and don’t believe the lie that says your story is done or that it’s too broken. God takes our messiest moments in life and if we’re willing to give Him the hammer and the chisel we can come out looking better than before.
Lord, thank you that you love to restore. I pray for those waking through deep seasons of brokenness. Please, Father, meet them in their time of need. Help them as they grow to trust in you and to let you do the work in their lives of restoring their journey, in Jesus name, Amen.

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