I Lied to My Husband….Then…I Tried to Approach God and Couldn’t….

In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence…. (Eph 3:12).

Before we can be honest with God, truly honest with Him, we must first be honest with others.
This morning as I was preparing to spend time in the word the Lord convicted me about a little white lie I told my husband this morning. I didn’t follow through on something I said I would do and so when he asked me about it, I panicked and changed the story. In the moment, it felt fine to twist the story a little bit so I could save face, but later on, as I went to approach God I realized that I had to be honest with my husband before I could come before God in full confidence.
So I called my husband and confessed my little white lie. I understood that the reason why I didn’t tell the truth was because of a lack of trust. I didn’t trust that I would be received with love and so I changed the story to avoid what I feared.
How often do we do this with others? We fear we won’t be welcomed with love and so we twist, manipulate and make things up so that we don’t look bad to other people. Yet, trust cannot grow unless we’re willing to walk through growing moments with others. The kind of moments when we admit our failures, they do the same and we offer grace, understanding and love for one another. When we grow with others, through honesty and love, we become more bonded together in the body of Christ. The longer we try to hide our screw ups and shortcomings the further we stray from unity.
Sometimes honesty hurts and it makes us look bad. Quite simply because we have to show a part of ourselves to someone else that isn’t perfect. A part of us that has shortcomings, flaws and imperfections.
What I have learned over the years though is that honesty really is the best policy, because most people, unless they are puffed up and prideful appreciate someone who is wiling to admit their mistakes and shortcomings, because they know they have plenty of their own. So if things don’t feel right between you and God, maybe its because things aren’t right between you and someone else. It could be time to start being honest about the places you need to go with others that at first might make you look bad, but in the end could lead towards building and establishing greater trust with one another.
Lord, I want to be honest before others, so that I can come before you in full confidence. Help me to live in your grace so I can love others well, point them to you and live knowing that I don’t have to be perfect. Help me to live that grace today, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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