Learning to Let Go of the Expectations of Others to See Jesus

we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ…(Eph 4:15).

The head of the church is Christ. The one I should be looking to for guidance, direction, joy, and purpose, but if I could be quite honest, He is not the head I look to the most. My mind tends to get locked on the faces and expectations of people. This stifles my ability to hear clearly from the Lord, because of the names, faces, and requests of others that seem to fill my heart more often than my love for wanting to simply do what pleases God.
I know that I truly want to honor God the most, but whenever my heart drifts towards pleasing people and gets focused on their faces instead of His, it’s hard for me to live fully alive in the person of Jesus. Jesus becomes a person in the background, instead of my closest friend. His headship in my life is replaced with the desire to please other people. These talking heads always have lots of opinions, which steer my heart away from being centered and focused on God.
Amongst the noise and clatter of the expectations of others, we must take time to simply be still before our Father to hear clearly from Him. This requires solitude and rest and intentionality to keep our gaze fixed upon Him.
So much of my life has been lived to please other people. I have seen the face of my Father very little in my heart and mind, but I want to see Him and be led by His grace. I want His headship in my life to be what directs my path and holds me close to Him.
Lord, be my hiding place. Be my joy and delight. Be the one I fix my gaze upon. Jesus, awaken my soul. I long to be close to you, Amen.

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