Let It All Go….

one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead…(Php 3:13).

It’s time to let it all go. I know that sounds trite and it rolls fairly easily off the tongue. I know that’s what you want to do as well, but if you’re like me, there’s a deep wound that was attached to that something you need to give up to the Lord. Until you do though, you’ll never be able to move forward in the freedom of Christ over that situation.
Paul could have stayed stuck in his past, the bad decisions he made, the unfair treatment and discouraging moments. He could have dwelt on what used to be, but he didn’t. He stayed focused on one goal- seeing Jesus.
I remember as a teenager being hurt deeply by someone in my life and so I went looking for my dad. I knew that if I found him, he would embrace and comfort me. Truly, once I found him, he did. This is what our Heavenly Father offers for us too, comfort from all our pain. If we would simply seek His face, we would find that His comfort and joy meet us as He embraces us in His arms.
As I was sharing with the teens this past week at youth group I reminded them that God often takes our most broken, painful seasons and uses them for our next steps in ministry. If we are willing to let go of the anger, hurt and resentment, we will find that what lies before us is now a great purpose to use our pain for the glory of God.
But we must be willing to share our stories, not for the purpose of complaining about them and gathering others on our side, but simply for the purpose of redemption. Yes, as we share, not to make ourselves feel better, but to connect our hearts with others, we find that God sends people our way in need of His comfort through us. That’s the kind of life I want to live, one that brings comfort to those who are hurting because I understand what they’re walking through.
So feel the freedom to let it all go as you go looking for your Father today. Let Him hold you in His embrace and be refreshed by His love. Share your hurt, pain, and frustration with Him. When you’re ready, share that with others too, so you can connect your heart to theirs as we all journey towards our freedom in Christ.
Father, today, I want to live in the freedom Jesus offers me. I long to keep walking towards my victory in Christ, for truly, it is mine through your love. Jesus, be my greatest joy today, I pray, in your name, Amen.

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