When Life Unravels

in him all things hold together….(Col 1:17).

Does life ever feel a bit disjointed or like your tearing apart at the seams? Maybe a crisis has hit or you’re walking through a season that seems to difficult to bear. I’ve walked through some of those seasons too. It’s easy, in those moments, to give up and give in to all the discouragement around you.
However, what I have learned is that in those moments is that I cannot press into my fear, anxiety or worry, but I must cling to Jesus. As I cling to Him, He fills my heart with peace that is unexplainable. It’s that peace I need amongst the chaos to help me stay focused, not on all the things going wrong, but on the one who holds me together.
Sometimes though, I’ll be really honest, when I’m clinging to Jesus, it is still very painful. Painful because of the difficult circumstances in my life. Painful because I’m still wrestling and dealing with the aftermath of the crisis that hit. It’s ok to hold fast and still experience real pain. We don’t have to pretend, as Christians, that life is perfect, because, quite frankly, it just isn’t. We don’t have to cover up our pain, for when we do, we never experience His full healing.
Jesus holds me together, even when I feel like everything is falling apart and if I don’t go to Him, clinging to His love for me, then the pieces of me that are falling apart will come crashing down on those closest to me. I must always be ready and willing to hold fast to Him, once more, so that I don’t hurt those around me with my anger, resentment or vengeful attitude. When I am held by Jesus, all of those things stay at bay as I am held back by His grace.
Lord, I want to live for you. Help me to live fully alive in your love. Please make me more like you. I don’t want my messiness to hurt others, so when I feel the need to react, help me instead to fall into your arms, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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