Is God Listening?

I will wait for the LORD,… (Is 8:17).

Have you ever felt like God just wasn’t listening? Maybe that’s just been me, but I can recall many, many times when I kept offering up the same prayer only to receive nothing but silence. As I look back on those occurrences I believe some of His silence came from the fact that what I was asking of Him was wrong. My intentions and motivations were purely selfish and so my prayers fell flat before Him.
Then, there have been other times when I know that my motivations are not wrong, but God is asking me to wait upon Him. Can I be really honest? I really hated those seasons of waiting. Although I knew the waiting was for a good purpose it was so hard for me to let go of the things I wanted in the immediate. I often felt like a kid in a candy store, demanding God for a treat, instead of waiting with a tender, surrendered heart for the bounty that He had prepared for me.
Sometimes God challenges us to come towards Him with empty hands. Yes, empty hands that are ready to receive whatever He places in them. Sometimes what God gives us is the gift of suffering, in other seasons He pours out great gifts because of our obedience and then in those seasons of testing, He pours out silence. I think this is simply for the purpose of growing and stretching our faith. Truly, His silence teaches us to keep seeking and to keep weighing out before Him our motivations and intentions.
It’s not that God isn’t listening. Truly, He is always working. It’s that He’s teaching us something new about Him, but instead of seeking it as a treasure to behold, we stay stuck in our demands, spinning our heels into a deeper pit of discontentment formed and fashioned by our own stubborn hearts. As we learn to release our need to know all the answers and have everything in our timing we can rest assured that God is good and that truly, we can trust Him.
Lord, thank you so much for your grace. Truly, I don’t know where I would be without it. I have everything I could ever need in you. Forgive me when I forget that life is not about me, but truly, it is all about you. Thank you, God, for loving me and for setting me free from myself, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Is God Listening?

  1. Good word. That open hands picture is critical to understanding how God works with us. He always respects our free will and never violates it. When we come to Him with open hands the visual indicates that we want His will over our own. In essence we are voluntarily laying down ‘self’.

    Awesome post Heather.

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