When Worry Keeps Me From Entering God’s Rest

they were not able to enter, because of their unbelief…(Heb 3:19).

Worry, fear and unbelief are all things that have kept me from rest. You see, my inability to let go of what was in front of me and trust God genuinely kept me from being able to lay down in His presence and be held by His love.
There’s something so deeply satisfying about His presence, but sometimes, it becomes so rare for me to enter it. Especially as the day goes on and the worries of life start to press in on me. I have quickly learned something about myself that has helped me combat this reality.
I have learned not to trust myself, but instead, to entrust myself to God. Quite frankly, I know my intentions are not always pure, but in the moment, its difficult for me to see that. Therefore, throughout the day, I find myself constantly pausing to reflect, and ask some honest questions of myself before God.
“Where are these feelings coming from?”
“What’s driving me right now, peace or chaos?”
“Am I operating out of a place of joy or a place of anxiety and fear?”
These questions, very quickly reveal to me where my allegiance stands. If my heart is wrung with worry, then I will constantly live in a state of chaos, making decisions outside of the will of God, hurting myself and those I love the most.
I think an epidemic in the church, which keeps us from truly hearing from God and responding in faith is that we have neglected the powerful spiritual discipline of rest. Truly, every single day, my heart is in desperate need of this rest. If I do not practice it, I become controlled by chaos, but when I surrender myself into the throne room of God, my heart and mind can rest assured that my Heavenly Father is for me. Yes, He is comforting me and offering me great joy in the power of His perfect rest.
Lord, I surrender myself to you today. Truly, you are a mighty God who keeps His covenant of love. I can trust in your promises and rest in your love. That brings me such great joy to know that I don’t have to worry, but I can sit still knowing that you are always in control, in Jesus name, Amen.

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