Preparing for God’s Eternal Rest

There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people of God….(Heb 4:9–10).

There will come a day when we will rest forever from all of our labors. Truly, it will be a day where we will experience an eternal Sabbath with God.
The word, Sabbath, or Shabbat in the original Hebrew means to cease, desist, to rest. When I think about a day like this my heart warms with great joy because I know it will be a day I have longed for nearly all my life. Not just because I’ll be in the presence of Jesus, but because I’ll feel no pressure to perform or create, do or become, I’ll simply be at peace with being fully His.
In this life, we have the opportunity to listen, to cease and desist from all our labors. Truly, this is our training ground for what it is to come. We have the joy, now, of entering His rest so that we can have a small taste of the happiness that awaits us.
I have learned over the past few year the value of rest. Truly, it offers me so much that busyness has stolen from me. It creates within me a peaceful city, a joyful destination and a heart of true happiness and pleasure. This place in time, where God and I simply be together are some of my most treasured moments of the day. Truly, there, in His presence and in the comfort of His rest, I can be my messy self, fully accepted by Him as I allow His arms of love to shape me into a new creation.
Yes, dear friend, rest is good for your soul. Truly, it is where we find God, as we sit still in the comfort of His love.
Lord, this rest is so good for our lives, but neglect is so often. Forgive us that we feel the constant need to be producing, controlling and creating. God, you’ve made us to create, but sometimes I know my pursuit of it comes from an unhealthy need to perform and receive the praise of man. Lord, I want to receive your praise and your praise alone. Capture my heart today, according to your love, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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