Dealing with Betrayal

“Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?”…(Lk 22:48).

Have you ever been betrayed by someone you thought had your back? Only to realize that what actually was happening was that they were talking about you behind your back? If you’ve lived any bit of life, you’ve experienced a similar betrayal. In my own immaturity, I’ve treated people this way. I’ve not been kind or brave enough to have an honest conversation and because of that I’ve done my own fair share of, “betraying someone with a kiss.”
I have repented of such behavior and asked for the Lord’s forgiveness on the matter because when you’re on the receiving end of the kiss, it is so painful. I certainly don’t want to put others through that kind of pain and so once you’ve experienced it for yourself, you become much more aware of just how damaging that kiss can be.
I think a lot of us, myself included, believe that if the kiss comes somehow we’ve failed God, others and ourselves. We take it way too personally and own it as if it was a burden that was ours to carry. You see, the kiss of betrayal that Judas laid upon Jesus was a kiss that Jesus was willing to receive since He knew it was coming. Jesus was willing to walk the painful journey that it brought.
Can I be really honest? I don’t want to walk the painful journey that any kind of betrayal big or small brings into my life. I’d much rather not deal with it any further. However, Jesus understood that as we trust God with betrayal, we can find joy in His refuge. Yes, we find true, genuine redemption of even the most broken situations.
So don’t get mad at the betrayer, but entrust yourself to God who will see you through. Trust me when I say this, as you hold fast to Him, you’ll walk out more beautiful than you were before. Just don’t get so focused on the betrayer that you forget about the redeemer and allow bitterness to well up in you. Learn to have a heart of grace that releases your pain to God, seek reconciliation as much as possible, but ultimately entrust yourself unto Him who judges justly.
Father, I entrust myself to you. Thank you that you see and know everything. Thank you that you care for me and that my identity isn’t wrapped up in the betrayal nor hurt I experience in this life, but in the one who judges justly. Jesus, thank you, I trust you, Amen.

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