An Untamed Tongue is Always Tied to an Unhealthy Heart

no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison….(James 3:8).

My tongue has gotten me in trouble a number of times. If I could be quite honest, the connection that I see between my tongue and my heart is inseparable.  Sometimes my heart is not in a good place.
I have noticed that whenever I lack healthy communication with someone close to me and only store up thoughts of negativity towards them, eventually something leaks out from my heart and through my mouth that cuts them down and discourages their soul. Mainly because I was unwilling to either express myself to them or simply learn to take my thoughts to the Lord and not allow them to drown my heart in negativity.
The people I do this with the most are those closest to me. The ones I’m supposed to love, honor and cherish the most often get the most venomous and poisonous stabs from my tongue. Truth be told, that poison has been there for quite some time. Since I’ve lived so unaware of my own struggle against storing up negative thoughts, I’ve allowed the devil to have a playdate with my heart. Eventually, that playdate plays itself in unhealthy ways and those closest to me become shot to the heart with my uncaring, prideful and disrespectful words.
James says that no human being can tame the tongue. It is true that I cannot try harder to have a better heart. Instead, I must become fully aware of my humanness, confessing my deep need for grace so that Christ can take full control of not just my words, but my heart.
Fixing our words doesn’t solve our issues long term. We must allow the master gardener to dig deep into our hearts. Yes, we must let Him go to the hard places of our hearts and walk with us there, so that we may live transformed as we surrender ourselves fully to Him. So, stop praying, “God, help me to speak more encouraging words to people.” Instead, start praying, “Lord, change my heart.”
Father, glorify your name. Be the joy and delight of my heart and change my heart. I know that I need the love of Jesus to penetrate every part of me. I need your grace to live differently and to believe better and greater things about the people I love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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