In the Midst of Great Worry, I Hear the Father Saying, “Let Me Hold You”

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow…(Matt 6:34).

Has the enemy ever tried to propel you into worrying about the future? Yeah, he’s definitely pushing those buttons in me now. The what if’s and things that could go wrong are running rampant throughout my heart and mind. Things I can’t control and what if’s in regards to my future.
I hear the Father saying to me, “Heather, let me hold you.” As I imagine myself being embraced by Jesus, my body feels stiff and resistant. Mostly because I have not been yielding to Him over these past few days of worry.
I’m asking Him to melt my heart into His. To enjoin me unto Him and take my fears, worries, and anxieties as I allow myself to be held by Him with no need to worry about tomorrow or six months from now, but to learn how to simply be abandoned to His great love that is for me today.
Walking in today means trusting God for our tomorrow’s. Sitting with our Father, in His warm embrace means that we give up our need to know what two weeks from now holds. It means that we are willing to let go of control and simply sit at the master’s feet. Truly, He is safe, loving and kind. It is His kindness, wrapped in grace that leads our hearts beside quiet waters.
So, today I want to go on a walk with Jesus, there beside those quiet waters where He and I simply enjoy one another. There a the banks of the river I want to simply be held by Him. Without His embrace I will be captured by and carried away by fear into a future I cannot control.
Jesus, why do I worry? Because I allow the enemy to press buttons of long-held fears in my life. Fears of not having enough, not being enough and not being able to stay in control. Forgive me for my foolish heart. I am a new creation in you and so today, I will walk in that confidence, that in you, I am free, new and loved, in Jesus name, Amen.

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