The Devil is Trying To Hand Me Tiny Morsels of Deception

But here is the bread that comes down from heaven, which anyone may eat and not die…. (John 6:50).

I often have to ask myself, “Heather, what are you feasting up?” Sometimes, I don’t really care for the answer I have to that question, because, quite frankly, more often than I care to admit I’ll discover myself dining upon pride, fear, insecurity, and selfishness.
Even now, as I woke up this morning I sensed the enemy trying to hand me morsels of sin to dine upon. He’s trying to push old buttons in me to cause division in my heart and mind against those that I love. He’s crafty and I’ve noticed with Him that the more I grow in Christ, the more backhanded and suttle the handing of those tiny morsels becomes.
Therefore, I must always be on my guard against the schemes of the devil that seek to steal, kill and destroy the good work that Christ is building up in me. You see, it’s those tiny morsels that if I feast on them long enough start to weigh me down into the grave. I can no longer stand tall for Christ, growing up in Him, because I have chosen to dine at the devil’s table, growing fat with lies and deception.
But you see, I want to grow up into maturity, no just grow out, if you get what I mean. Our hearts and minds can either grow sleek and fit with the love of Christ or fat and lazy with the darkness of the devil. As Christians, we are not controlled by the devil, but we can certainly be influenced by him. It’s up to me whose table I choose to dine at. Will it be at my Father’s table, where I grow up in maturity as I dine upon love, grace, and truth. Or will it be at the enemy’s table where I grow fat with lies, anger, bitterness, and pride?
Lord, I surrender all my thoughts to you and I claim my victory in Christ. I thank you that I can stand upon your truth. I don’t have to give way to fear, but I can trust fully in you rejoicing that you are for me. Fill me now with your grace, truth, and love in Jesus name, Amen.

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