God Uses His Power to Work For Me….Not Against Me

What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open…(Rev 3:7).

God really is all-powerful. In total control. Sovereign over everything within our lives. The good and the bad, even though it might not always feel like it. He shuts doors no one can open and opens doors no one can shut. Why then do we live as though His power falls short in our circumstances? Why do we act and live as though He is powerful for others, but chooses to restrain His strength within our lives?
For me, it’s because I’m impatient. I want God to act on my timeline. I want Him to work on my behalf, but sometimes, I’m resistant towards Him when I have to walk through pain. Pain keeps me from seeing God at work because I start to believe the lies that He’s no longer for me, but against me. Simple words of shame start to implant themselves in my soul. I tell myself things like, “God is punishing me still” or “There must be something I’m doing wrong that’s causing all of these poor circumstances to rise up because it feels like God keeps bringing them into my life.”
Beloved, don’t you see, God doesn’t use His power to work against us like we often believe. He works in His power for us. We simply have to learn how to release our present situations, no matter how bleak or painful to His Lordship. As the master weaves out His plan in our lives, we start to see not our circumstances, but His overwhelming grace. We can celebrate the small things because we’ve learned how to entrust to Him the big things.
Abba, thank you that you are always at work. Thank you that I can trust you. Yes, I can trust you. You are such a good, loving and faithful God. You are all-powerful, yes, even for me. Thank you for this grace, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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