I Know That Person Hurt You, But It’s Time to Move Forward in the Grace of God

you avenge the outpoured blood of your servants…..(Psalm 79:10).
Don’t become angry with God because He hasn’t avenged your situation just yet in the way and time that you want Him to. I have learned in life that sometimes, in situations where I was wronged or mistreated, I can’t go on hoping that God will punish the wicked done to me like I want Him to. Instead, I must go on with a heart of thankfulness that God is forever for me.
You see, I think what I’m learning is that God’s victory doesn’t come when that person who wronged us has been disciplined and punished by God. It comes when we can move forward, away from bitterness, walking in our freedom in Christ.
Sometimes I feel this desire to stay stuck on the situation, to mull it over a thousand times, watching and hoping that God will avenge me and I will see the wicked fall. Beloved, let the wicked fall in God’s way and in God’s timing, but you dear Christian, move forward in the grace of God.
Don’t you see, this is where your victory is found. Not in looking back on the wrong done, but in moving forward with God towards His freedom, joy, and love. I get it, I know that’s hard, trust me, I really do. I’ve lived it and in many ways, I’m still living it. Part of me feels like maybe God isn’t doing His part because my situation hasn’t been avenged like I want it to be, but then there’s this other part of me, the one that’s been saturated in grace that’s telling me to let it go. To trust God with my future and to live in the blessings of His grace instead of dwelling on what was a painful experience in the past.
This sets me free from what happened and sets me up in a spacious place with God where I can dance in His freedom and deliverance. You see, God hasn’t avenged my situation just yet in the way that I want Him too, but He has blessed my life tremendously and when I keep my gaze fixed upon those blessings I start to embrace that maybe this is the way that He is avenging my situation and for that, I can be glad as I leave the rest to Him.
Lord, I entrust it all to you and I rejoice that you are working for me. Thank you for your great love. Thank you for your grace that challenges me and grows me up in maturity. Thank you that I don’t have to see the wicked fall in the way that I want them to, but I can rejoice that your hand of blessing is being poured out on my life, in Jesus name, Amen.

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