Time To Let Go

But the fruit of the Spirit is….(Ga 5:22).

This thought keeps running through my head this morning, “Time to let go.” Time to let go of that hurt. Time to let go of that season. Now, Heather, it’s time to grow.
Can I be really honest though? That’s much easier said than done. What I want more than anything is a life fully devoted to following Jesus, but what I find more often than not is one that struggles with Jesus towards my freedom. I’m thankful that Jesus is OK with that and that He can work with people like me who struggle.
Years ago I started praying, “Lord, whatever it takes, make me more like Jesus.” Little did I know that this simple prayer would accompany with it deep and painful trails, dark seasons and deep testing. But you see, that my friends, is how we grow.
Fruit is what’s produced in us as we grow as Christians. Fruit that lasts, fruit that changes us and fruit that can only be produced by a life that is planted in the love of God. Think about it, trees don’t produce fruit on their own. A tree simply stays put, allowing the gardener to do their work around them. Then, they wait. They wait patiently for fruit to be produced through seasons of uprooting, planting, pruning, and watering.
I don’t always like those seasons of uprooting and pruning. In fact, sometimes I just want to flee from them and if I’m not careful, I’ll allow a bitter root to sneak in when I am exposed. You see, it is so pivotal, that in those groundbreaking times, when God takes His shovel and starts digging somewhere deep into our lives that we don’t allow bitterness, or resentment to find its way into the garden of grace He’s trying to plant within us.
There are some mornings when I know God is digging somewhere deep in me, because, quite frankly, there’s still some pain and hurt I buried there with that season of testing and trial that He wants to uproot and heal. Sometimes I’m resistant to let Him go there, because I just don’t want to keep reliving that pain.
Yet, the process of healing is sometimes a slow and steady process, of letting go of one small moment at a time, surrendering it to the arms of a loving Father who longs to produce His fruit in us as we stay planted firm in the garden of His love.
Lord, I surrender to you today. I long to grow in my walk with God. Jesus, I will continue to pray, whatever it takes, make me more like you. I know that’s a dangerous prayer, but please, through it, make me more like you. Help me to come to you in humility so that I might grow as I stay rooted firm in your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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