Step Down So That God Can Step Up

having sacrificed the sin offering, the burnt offering and the fellowship offering, he stepped down…(Lev 9:22).
It’s time to step down. Some of us, myself included can be…. what you might call, a control freak. What I have found, at least for me, is that my need to control, really stems from a root of fear. Until we allow God to break that stronghold of fear and start uprooting the real reason behind our need to control, we will never be able to step down in surrender.
It’s hard to step down from the things that we love, I get that, but when the things we love become the things that WE MUST have, well, now we have a problem. We’re now carrying a burden, instead of seeking to lift one from others. We’re now defining ourselves by what we hold onto, instead of by the one who holds us.
The Lord is challenging me in this present season to step down and trust Him. Quite literally, I have to step down from things like my job and many other facets of my life as I enter into to a season of carrying for a newborn child. Part of me starts to worry about all the things I’ll be stepping down from, but then the Spirit says something different to me. The Spirit says, “Heather, it’s not about you. It never has been. I can work in mighty ways without your help. You are your best self when you are in a posture of letting go.”
That’s a tough one for me to internalize sometimes, but what I walked through over a couple of years ago in my life, in many ways, shattered my insecurity and fear over the need to constantly be in control. Something about walking through devastation makes you realize that your feeble attempts to be in control just don’t work and they never will. So, today, I’m going to choose to rest in my Father’s love and be thankful that I can step down, so that God can step up in my life.
Father, I trust you. I know that you have good things for me. I know that you are strong and good. Help me, Jesus, to walk in the fullness of your presence. Use me to bring great glory to your name, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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