I’m Still Working on This Command From Jesus

Love your neighbor as yourself.’ n There is no commandment greater than these.”… (Mark 12:31).

I’m working on this command from Jesus. Truly, it is a daily thing for me to wrestle with my treasure being me. My thoughts, my wishes, my desires, hopes, dreams and preferences all love to rear their ugly head when it comes time to “love my neighbor as myself.”
I’ll be honest, sometimes I get more annoyed by my neighbor than I should. If they infringe upon my time, schedule or agenda I’ll become very quickly and easily bothered by their presence. Ouch, that is not a fun reality that I’m noticing about myself.
However, since I know this to be true about myself, I often have to stop my mind and my heart and say, “Heather, stop what you’re doing, put your things down for a moment and be present with this person.” I don’t always like doing that, in fact, I can’t really say its something that I enjoy doing at all. Yet, I know that the more I do it, the more I’ll teach myself a new rhythm. A rhythm of love and compassion instead of annoyance towards people, so that I can start loving them like Jesus would and not like my sinful nature tells me to.
Oh Lord, I do struggle in this area. I know that you know that. Forgive me when I become overly concerned with my to-do list and I don’t “love my neighbor as myself.” Please, grant me the gift of your grace so I can share that grace with others, in Jesus name, Amen.

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