The Sustaining Power of the Father’s Heart

Abba, Father,” he said,….(Mark 14:36).

As Jesus prepared Himself for what we would be some of the most painful hours of His life He lay His head in the Garden of Gethsemane and sought the comfort of His father. At the moment, He did not see God as a tyrant, a dictator, unfair or cruel. He saw the heart of His Father that was for Him and not against Him and it was the heart of His Father that sustained Him in His darkest hours.
I remember, when I was a teenager, being absolutely devastated by something hurtful someone said about me. As soon as the words flew from their lips and into my heart and mind I was cut deep. Immediately, my first thought was to go looking for my father. I found him there in the hallway and embraced him as I explained to him what happened. Having my dad hold me didn’t take all the pain away or make everything right in a moment, but there in his arms, I felt safe, comforted and loved. My father’s heart help sustain my wounded heart in the midst of a deeply painful moment.
I’m not sure where life has brought you today. All of us are fighting some kind of battle. Some of us may even be walking through a deeply dark and painful season in life. Knowing that the Father’s heart is for us can help sustain us as we learn to lean into His great love that dances over us.
Abba, you are so good. You are for us and not against us. Truly, your love dances over us. Help me to lean and press hard into your grace. Comfort those who are walking in dark and painful seasons today, in Jesus name, Amen.

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