When Your Strength is Zapped

Be exalted in your strength, LORD;

we will sing and praise your might….. (Ps 21:13).

The other day I overheard a conversation where a tired woman responded to her friend by saying, “I’m physically and emotionally exhausted, but hey….that’s what life is all about, right?” I thought to myself, no dear sister, there is so much more to life than a tired and weary soul. But, I understand where she’s been, because I’ve been there too.
There have been seasons in my life when I have felt absolutely zapped of my strength, mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. Where I’m at my total wits end and instead of sitting down to get some rest, I keep pushing forward and trying harder.
I can also recall those seasons in my life when my strength was zapped because the circumstances of life became so painful that I felt as though I had nothing left. I can recall crying such deep tears that I didn’t even know were possible to cry over such painful losses in my life. I was ripped open and completely undone. There was this story that I kept telling myself in my pain. It was such a grave story of defeat and despair. I hated that story, but I would entertain it so much, because when you’re tired and worn, you’ll start to believe just about anything.
It wasn’t until I made a true commitment to get away with my Heavenly Father and start resting in His love when I became revived. As I sat with Him in streams of mercy, my life was no longer about trying harder or doing more. It wasn’t about pushing away the pain, but instead, embracing it for what it was, allowing the great physician to heal the wounds of my heart.
We are quick to run to a doctor when we are sick and we are wise to do so, but we are so slow in running to our Father when we are not well. I know for me, I have delayed in coming to Him, because I was fearful that my brokenness might communicate to others that I was weak, but you see, when you’ve become undone and your life unravels before you, there’s no longer any places to hide. Except for in the arms of a loving Father who longs to heal you from the inside out.
As we learn to rest with Him, believing and embracing His truth, we know that although our circumstances may never change, we are safe in the arms of His great love.
Lord, thank you for undoing me, because in it, I was set free from so much. Thank you for meeting me in deep, dark and painful seasons. Thank you for being my joy, hope, peace and purpose in those painful seasons in life. Lord Jesus, glorify your name in me, I pray, Amen.

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