In Busy Season’s Offer Up Your Best to God

as a wave offering of firstfruits to the LORD…(Lev 23:17).

Life has been a bit chaotic, and unpredictable as of recently. Sure, it’s a similar rhythm throughout the day, but it’s a very different rhythm then I have ever experienced before. That’s taking all the grace and energy that I don’t have, but that God, in His mercy offers me.
I am being reminded during this busy, changing season of life that my offering to God, with the very best of my time and energy, still belongs to Him. As a sort of first-fruits of my life and my day.
I want more than anything for my daughter to see a relationship with God lived out in me, but I cannot do that well if I am not still offering up the very best of myself to the Lord. It would be easy to slide into a rushed time with God where He gets secondary parts of me and a scattered and busy heart. Yet, I know, in the depth of me that what He deserves is not my leftovers, but my first fruits.
Lord, help us all to balance our lives in a way that brings you glory. We want our lives to be centered upon you. Help us to always make time for you. Not in scattered, busy, parceled up ways, but with the best of ourselves. Give us your grace in seasons of busyness and help us to lean into your rest. Jesus, be our joy and our delight in every season, especially in the busy ones. May my daughter see you in me, I ask, in Jesus name, Amen.

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