Sometimes I Let My Husband Have It…Then, I Realize I’ve Crossed The Line

They will beat their swords into plowshares

and their spears into pruning hooks….(Isaiah 2:4).

Have you ever come to someone with guns blazing? Ready to put them in their place? Feeling as though God has given you a “special word” they need to hear to set them straight? Maybe that’s just been me. Unfortunately, the person I’ve done this the most with is my husband. In my pride, I would often think, “He needs to hear this, because I know I’m right on this. After all, what I’m saying is biblical and he needs to hear it.”
Now, there’s nothing wrong with speaking truth, but a woman speaking truth with guns blazing is NEVER well received. What man wants that woman in his midst? I’m not sure I know any men who would welcome that kind of woman into their world.
The really cool thing about God is that just as He did for the nation of Israel taking their weapons and transforming them into agents of peace, He can do the same for us. You see, all of us have areas where we’re strong. I think an area of growing strength in my life is wisdom. However, instead of using that gift like a plowshare, bring peace to those around me, I can often use it as a sword, cutting through the hearts and souls of those around me.
Thankfully, God can take our swords and spears, our cutting tongues and prideful hearts and transform them through His love. Now, I can speak wisdom in love and its well-received because it isn’t tethered with my anger or an air of self-righteousness.
Father, I want to be an agent of peace to the world. Help me to stop my tongue when it just wants to speak rebuke after rebuke. Make my tongue a tree of life, always building others up and bring you constant glory. Glorify your name in me, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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