Heather Quiroz_headshot

Truth be told, I long to walk in true submission to Jesus Christ.  Almost daily I fail at doing so, but I desperately want to live differently, to make much of Jesus and to declare His glory.   I have a burning desire to see the word of God proclaimed with boldness and conviction.  I am passionate about making much of Christ and I humbly desire to share in the gifts God has given me with others.

I would love to speak to your youth or women’s ministry.  I have spoken in camp settings, retreats, youth groups, and outreaches, in the United States and abroad.

Be sure to check out my media page to watch some messages I’ve done.  To contact me please email me at

Heather is married to her handsome husband Rodrigo.  As a couple, they long to see the truth of the gospel reach the ears of as many people as possible.  Together, they hope to see a great movement of God in their day.  Heather enjoys all things active, can cook a great meal with her eyes closed and tries to learn as much about Jesus as possible.  She is a broken sinner, saved by grace, who wants to live an honest, transparent life.  She loves teenagers with a deep passion and longs for them to be raised up as the next generation of kingdom workers for God’s glory.  She is the author of, “His Daily Grace: A 40 Day Devotional For People Longing to Be More Like Jesus,” is a Staff Consultant with Ministry Architects and holds a masters degree in Youth Ministry Leadership from Huntington University.

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